South Sudan is moving closer to ever lasting peace if the leaders are to keep their word of ending the civil war that has claimed lives of over 40,000 south sudanese let alone those that have been dispalced.

The 10 states and 3 administrative areas of South Sudan recently agreed upon

If this peace holds and indeed lasts , what next for the people of South Sudan who are economically divided into 2 groups the high and low class with insignificant middle class citizens.

Yes the nation is wealthy in terms pof resources , yes the nation has the population and able men and women, what seems to be the right way to push forward developement. What should be done to bridge the gap between those economic classes.

South Sudanese trader Credit: WFP

Who is responsible for this upward push of development. All stakeholders are responsible including the citizens of the nation. Know your rights , seek education , seek self development and above all have the fire burn inside your hearts to see your country prosper.

Lastly Put the Gun Down. Enough is Enough !!!